lundi 3 septembre 2012

2008 montreux

21.01.2011 - 23.01.2011


Montreux Jib Festival went off last night.
It went from a sunny day by the lake with wakeboard, skate and slackwire demos to a chilly night with the freeskiers and snowboarders hitting up the custom made setup in downtown Montreux. The set up was more sophisticated than last year with 3 options on the main entry. A flat down box, a stairbox and a handrail. Inbetween was a double quarter style ramp with a circular rail linking them above. Several people tried hitting this but landing proved difficult. After this was a flat down fat or a flat box or a barrel jib. The riders looked to struggle with speed for the second hits but everything got hit several times and some sick stuff was thrown down. 
The results were...snowboard
1st place.. Elliot Maire
2nd place.. Sven Aubert
3rd place.. Mikael Derose
4th place.. Arno Cambier

here are the results from the ladies.
The LADIES FIRST CHALLENGE was in the middle of Montreux on friday evening for

Here are the results in the two categories:


1. Anais Cettou -> ticket for the Final of the LFC on March 26 in Thyon
2. Ghislaine Albasini
3. Lucie Gonzales
4. Laura Marro
5. Melanie Merkli
6. L=E9a Klaue
7. Rach=E8le Blanc


1.Emilie Cruz
2.Alexandra Nicole-> ticket for the Final of the LFC on March 26 in =20
3. Alison Charmey
4.Alexia Bonelli
5.Ex aequo Vera Ritter et Marie Fournier
6. Anne Lise Graeaert

Pictures will come soon on the website:

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