lundi 3 septembre 2012

Volcom PJRB 2007 Quali

After the European tradeshow madness and listening all day long to Jimi Hendrix karaoke style at the Volcom « Peace Off » booth, it’s good to lose yourself in somewhere quiet and resourceful.
The Swiss Alps are beautiful and even if they’re still not packed with snow, they’re still some impressive big mountains. The place can be really magic, that’s why a lot of tourists from the US, India or Japan were site seeing there, but when you have 139 kids at the registration of a snowboard rail contest, it’s everything but quiet.


The timing and set up were perfect to celebrate this long day of snowboarding...
The playground consisted of a flat bar, a double rainbow box (camel or wave…) and a flat-down-flat kinked box in the middle of Adelboden’s GMP (Gran Masta park).

As soon as the contest began, the sky turned grey and it started to snow while the girls were hitting the rails. Those girls were seriously killing it and are not afraid to fs boardslide the kinked rail. Little Margot Rozies was super motivated right before the heat but unfortunately hurt herself on the bar number one on the beginning of the heat…then Anais and Helen were showing their board control and style by dominating from the beginning to the end.
Right next to the tent was a mini bar where there was refreshments, some tea, hot dogs, some traditional melted cheese with bread or even grab a white sausage and cook it on the grill (do it yourself style); that was pretty good to refuel everybody and help them fight against the cold.

Back to the action the kids were ripping and Lucas Baume who is only 11 years old impressed the judges by his motivation and level, but this was not enough to go on the podium, Samuel Parnex,Julien Emch and Aurel Anthamatten were fighting a level higher with a little bit more experience to spice the show and motivate the 16 and over division which was following.

rails were fun

There was in total 4 heats in that division and they started to hit the rails so heavily that the judges had to stay focused and concentrated in their long chairs under their Volcom umbrellas (very useful when it snows). Speaking at a contest in Switzerland is special, ‘cus you have to repeat the same thing in German, Swiss-German, English and French, hopefully the name of the tricks are the same but it was fun to have this “international” touch within the contestants. We’ll see how it works for the championships!!

Ready to hit the rails, jibbers!

The final was intense and was basically a fight between Simon Haupt and Christian Bertschi even if the others were doing solid and stylish tricks, those 2 guys were more technical while keeping a fluid style. Christian took the win with a more consistent run on the 3 rails He almost won the best trick too, on the kinked rail with more rotations that a judge can count but couldn't beat a nollie bs 180 in to cab 270 while sliding the way down to another 270 (a whole program) that took the win. After the prize ceremony, occurred a really long giveaway shower and some had a hard time to climb up the hill with their prizes because the lift was closed…This was again a really good day of snowboarding and for the moment, the biggest entries PBRJ in Europe, hope we will break the record soon!! (actually broken check out pbrj latvia !!)

A million thanks to the people that made this event happen:
Danu Kaufmann and crew (Grandmasta Park), the judges (Simon, Oli und Michi), the headjudge and nurse (Miki Kato), beat and crew (grand masta BAR), Grisu the speaker, Michael Nebiker, Marion Landon, Frazer, Roger Baumer and Lorenz Richard for the pics, Ursula Gabelmann from the resort, Freado and Amanda for the registration the Volcom family riders that came help us out and all the riders that came from all over Switzerland for that good day!
Special thanks to our friends in the industry that helped us with prizes:.
Big thanks as well for our partners that supported us with more prizes: ELECTRIC SANTA CRUZGLOBE and Vans


1-Anais Cettou
2-Helen Nadig
3-Nora Hodel
4-Julia Klein

15 and Under
1-Aurel Anthamatten
2-Julien Emch
3-Samuel Parnex
4-Lucas Baume
5-Max Wettstein

16 and over
1-Christian Bertschi
2-Simon Abt
3-Rino Wüthrich
4-Michau Dietz
5-christophe Reitze

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