lundi 3 septembre 2012

Volcom PJRB 2008

Our first planned PBRJ Tourstop in Laax was cancelled due to strom. So we put our heads together to find a solution. We were absolutely motivated to organise another one to have a valid ranking for the european championships.

Unexepted the Jungfrau railways Grindelwald offered us to make happen the pbrj tourstop ,one week before the champs, in their famous White-Elements Snowpark. The setup was amazing and very special for a railcontest. There were no rails, but high qualitiy boxes in a unusual clean and creativ setup.

Saturday morning we had arround 50 fidgety kids and boys at the setup. This number of kids was amazing because we didn`t communicate this postponed event really serious. Stocked! In the qualification heats we felt already the heat of the championships, the level was hard and everybody mumbeld about their chance to be qualified fort he champs on the 12th.of April.

Huuuuu, and the finals...I can`t hide my smile if I rember that. This little fluo colored kids with no name in big scene slaughtered the boxes like I never saw. Funny hard ripping little devils! Respect!

Pricegiving was, how exepted, the funniest part of the day. Kids jumped arround for catching prices and we tried to save our equipment.I like!

Thank you for coming kids (and older kids)!

Here the winners/ Finalresults:


1.Ananis Cettou
2.Helen Nadig
3.Melanie Merkli
4.Carmen Beccaro
5.Dominique Cherpillod
6.Nora Hodel
7.Sandra Ryser
8.Lynn Kulli

Boys -15

1.Max Burri2.Max Wettstein
3.Lucas Baume
4.Roger Schuppisser
5.Martin Bühler
6.Marc Schärer

Boys 16+

1.Phil de Vries
2.Matthias Boschung
3.Andy Walker
4.Thomas Coldebella
5.Rino Wenger
6.Stefan Pfister
7.Thomas Schiffmann
8.Jöggu Ruh
10.Marco Bettey


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