lundi 3 septembre 2012

snowpark tour final 2008

Saturday: freeskiers and snowboard girls
On Saturday, the freeskiers showed tricks like cork 900 and 720. Christoph
Walchhofer (AUT) presented the highest and safest 900s and convinced the judges
with under-flips at the quarterpipe. Raphael Schweiger from Neu-Rum (AUT) got
second, 18-year-old Joel Bächtold from Hasliberg (SUI) was third.
The snowboard girls liked the kickers, too. Their contest saw four Swiss girls in front. With
nice 360s and smooth box slides, Anais Cettou from Motiers took victory. Elena Könz
(Vna) got second, Helen Wyss (Fribourg) third and Emilie Aubry (Ipsach) fourth. “It’s
great, I didn’t expect this. I’m mega happy!”, the 21-year-old Cettou said. At the next
Roxy Chicken Jam, she will compete against the best female snowboarders.

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