lundi 3 septembre 2012

Volcom PJRB 2012

d us with 40-50 cm of fresh powder!

While early riders were warming up with powder runs, the shapers from White Elements Snowpark did an amazing job reshaping the whole set-up with the help of the „Pisten Billy“.

In addition to the traditional the long down and kink rails, riders could get creative on a special feature: a pole jam followed by a down ledge!

BBQ with Fredo Joggi

As usual the Volcom staff was serving free drinks and food, peanut butter and jam of course, but also sausages, snacks and sweet treats.
Nico Tille gap2Bslide

Most welcome among spectators were hot beverages and Volcom hand warmers.

Judges ready

Despite the stormy weather, riders were so hyped to ride (probably helped by the playlist) that even the sun showed up to see what was up! This boosted the motivation of the riders, therefore the level of riding and we could determine the top 5 riders in each division (Results below) to be qualified for the PBRJ European Championships in Avoriaz on the 31st march 2012.

julien EMCH gap27fsB

In the end, powder was shredded, rails were „shattered“, new tricks were landed, every rider went home with some Volcom products and most of all we had great times to remember until next year !

Thanks to the staff, White Elements snowpark, NITRO and ELECTRIC for the extra prizes!



1. Joëlle JUCHLI
2. Andrea BINKERT
3. Anaïs CETTOU
4. Ghislaine ALBASINI
5. Michèle GUIGNARD

15 and under:

1. Nicolas CLEUSIX
2. Anton SöKELAND

16 and older:

1. Julien EMCH
3. Felix HöCKEL
4. Fabrice MEIER
5. Steeve MEIER


2. Andy WALKER
3. Raphael KUNZ (also Gooeyest move)
4. Nicolas TILLE

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