lundi 3 septembre 2012

roxy chicken jam 2009

Roxy Chicken Jam

Phew, I’m back from the Roxy Chicken Jam and I feel really happy to be alive!
haha, no it wasn’t THAT bad, but the jumps were massive for me after 8 months off, I am so happy with myself for managing to ride them and actually do some spins after all that time. The major factor was, these jumps, although big, were absolutely perfect in shape, the middle one was about 16 meters long and running into it felt like the speed fo light, but taking off was sooooo smooth, I was kicking myself for not getting a bit more riding time in before this so I could do a bit more than grab off it, but alas I felt spinning on such a big kicker first week of the winter would be a little ‘risky’ so say the least! haha
The first kicker was fine though and easy for my fs3 stales, the set up was a bit tricky, box or rail to icey landing to kicker all on top of each other, you had a split second to set up it felt, not too good for confidence, but it was only 10 meters so wasn’t hard to handle.
The practice day was the best, I found Anais Cettou at the bottom of the course and she had already hit the two top jumps so I followed her in for speed on both of them, then I tested the bottom kicker for her to follow in. It’s so nice to have someone to ride with when you aren’t in your element, I’m so lucky she was there.
The Qualifiers day wasn’t too bad either, the atmosphere at these all girls comps is always so great, supportive and fun, it’s always good to be a part of it. There was quite a bit of waiting around for runs, we got 4 all together in the 2 hour session, I had 1 clean run in the whole lot, luckily, I was just happy to be getting some nice 3′s on the top jump and managed a few melons and bs to switch 50/50 on the bottom up down picnic table jib. UK ripper Claire Frost had an amazing final quali run including a fs7 melon off her TOES on the massive booter to bs3 on the bottom kicker, she is such a great rider she even managed this with the flu! go on Claire!
I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride my best after all the time off snow but definitely felt happy with what I managed : )
The guest house me and Nils stayed in was great too, lovely, much needed sauna in the afternoons and a great breakfast in the morning, yum yum.
I filmed the finals day and will make a little movie of what I have for you asap where you’ll see young UK rider Aimee Fuller ripping up the course on the finals day, she hadn’t been off the kickers on the practice day, then BAM backflip on the 1st kicker to bs3 on the booter to frontflip off the launchbox!!! that girl is brilliant! : )
Best part is that I got a picture on the TTR news page of the qualifiers day! STOKED!

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