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snowparktour 2008

Austrian triple victory at the finals of the Snowpark Tour 007
Patrik Huber wins Saas-Fee - Christoph Walchhofer triumphs at freeskiing - Lech team claims victory

At the weekend of March 17 and 18, 2007, the best freeski and snowboard rookies of Austria, Germany and Switzerland met at the Finale Grande of the Snowpark Tour 007 at Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Patrik Huber from Warth (AUT) was crowned the "most impressive rider" in snowboarding while Christoph Walchhofer from Eben im Pongau (AUT) won the freeskiers' contest. Anais Cettou from Motiers (SUI) took the snowboard girls' victory. At the team battle, the crew from Lech won over the snowpark envoys from Flumserberg and Saas-Fee.

In its sixth year, the Snowpark Tour finals were held in Switzerland for the very first time. The snow park on 2,800 m sea level delivered perfect conditions. The shapers set up a kicker line with two kickers and a quarterpipe. At the in-run, riders could choose between two rails. The additional box line offered four different slide boxes.
"The park was excellent and the kickers were super smooth. Saas-Fee has built a great snow park", snowboard winner Patrik Huberstated. The 70 riders were also delighted by the nice weather and the fact that the participation in the event and accommodation were free, thanks to the sponsors Quiksilver and Atomic. "All riders
staid at the same place and I got to know a lot of new people. The Snowpark Tour is big fun not only at the park!", the winner of the snowboard girls' contest, Anais Cettou said. In addition, the riders were happy about a lot of great prizes. The winners were invited to take part in prestigious events and will be interviewed by magazines -hopefully the beginning of a successful pro career. "It's amazing! Now I'm qualified for the European Freeski Open in Laax where I'll compete with the world's best riders!", freeski winnerChristoph Walchhofer said.

Saturday: freeskiers and snowboard girls
On Saturday, the freeskiers showed tricks like cork 900 and 720. Christoph Walchhofer (AUT) presented the highest and safest 900s and convinced the judges
with under-flips at the quarterpipe. Raphael Schweiger from Neu-Rum (AUT) got second, 18-year-old Joel Bächtold from Hasliberg (SUI) was third. And the snowboard girls liked the kickers, too. Their contest saw four Swiss girls in front. With nice 360s and smooth box slides, Anais Cettou from Motiers took victory. Elena Könz (Vna) got second, Helen Wyss (Fribourg) third and Emilie Aubry (Ipsach) fourth. "It's great, I didn't expect this. I'm mega happy!", the 21-year-old Cettou said. At the next Roxy Chicken Jam, she will compete against the best female snowboarders.

Sunday: Snowboard team battle
On Sunday, the snowboarders showed their skills riding in four-man teams that represented their respective snow park. Though they would have liked to have bigger kickers, they were happy. "The kickers were not big but really safe", Bernd Gutwenger from organizer Mellow constructions explained. "I'm proud and happy that
we had no serious injuries at the tour stops and at the finals. And despite the lack of snow, we managed to hold all ten tour stops. I think this speaks for the snow park locations." The teams from Lech, Flachauwinkl, Flumserberg and Saas-Fee reached the super finals. With 900s and 1080s, they impressed the judges. "Judging was big
fun and I'm sure we will see some of the riders again", head judge Christian Reinhard said. In the end, the Lech team was the one to cheer. Patrik Huber from Warth, Wolfgang Wanner from Seefeld, Tommi Gimpl from Leogang and Michael Macho from Pfunds showed faultless runs. The creative team from Flumserberg took second
with a rapid fire show at the boxes while the Saas-Fee riders with the brothers Matthias and Sebastian Bumann from Visp got third. The three teams were invited to the TTR Bootcamp at Innsbruck.

Most Impressive Rider: Patrik Huber
At the single decision, also a rider from the Lech team was in front: Patrik Huber (AUT) took the title of the "most impressive rider". He got a wildcard for the Nanshan Open in China. "I'm looking forward to this trip. At the moment, everything's perfect for me as last week I won the Austrian Masters and now here. Just perfect!", the 23-
year-old said. Swiss Kobi Würsch who was second in front of Lukas Perteneder from Saalfelden (AUT) was happy, too: "I'm so glad I'm able to snowboard again! Last winter, I was injured and couldn't ride." Thus, everybody was pleased and tired on Sunday: the participants because of their riding and the spectators and helpers because of the quick sessions party at the Popcorn bar where The Flying He-She's and DJ Rocksy delivered the action.
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Results Finals Snowpark Tour 007
March 17/18 2007, Saas-Fee (SUI)
Rank PTS Name Bib Age Place of residence Snowboard Men
1 421 Huber Patrik 69 23 Warth (AUT)
2 418 Kobi Würsch 80 22 Beckenried (SUI)
3 416 Perteneder Lukas 3 19 Saalfelden (AUT)
4 415 Wanner Wolfgang 61 20 Seefeld (A)
5 410 Jezler Clemens 87 19 Bern (SUI)
6 404 Bumann Sebastian 79 21 Visp (SUI)
7 403 Bumann Matthias 70 19 Visp (SUI)
8 394 Gimpl Tommi 62 24 leogang (AUT)
9 390 Hänni Phipu 76 17 Saanen (SUI)
10 385 Macho Michael 66 19 Pfunds (AUT) Team battle Snowboard

1. Lech Zürs Mellow Park (AUT)
- Huber Patrik 69 23 Warth (AUT)
- Wanner Wolfgang 61 20 Seefeld (A)
- Gimpl Tommi 62 24 leogang (AUT)
- Macho Michael 66 19 Pfunds (AUT)

2. Snowpark Flumserberg (SUI)
- Kobi Würsch 80 22 Beckenried (SUI)
- Jezler Clemens 87 19 Bern (SUI)
- Jauslin Bastian 81 23 Gempen (SUI)
- Habegger Patrick 82 21 Dänikon (SUI)

3. Saas Fee Snowpark(SUI)
- Bumann Matthias 70 19 Visp (SUI)
- Hänni Phipu 76 17 Saanen (SUI)
- Sturzenegger Pascal 72 21 Stetten (SUI)
- Bumann Sebastian 79 21 Visp (SUI)

4. Absolut Park Flachauwinkl (AUT)
- Scherübl Kevin 6 16 Radstadt (AUT)
- Hettegger Christian 2 18 St. Johann im Pongau (AUT)
- Perteneder Lukas 3 19 Saalfelden (AUT)
- Stigter Pim 1 19 Zoebermeer (NLD)

Newschool Ski Men
1 332 Walchhofer Christoph 100 21 Eben im Pongau (A)
2 327 Schweiger Raphael 83 18 Neu-Rum (AUT)
3 324 Bächtold Joel 49 18 Hasliberg (SUI)
4 304 Jäger Silvan 93 19 Chur (SUI)
5 296 Höllwart Toni 57 17 St. Johann im Pongau (AUT)
6 293 Bieri Christian 28 19 Sörenberg (SUI)
7 290 Kronig Fabian 15 18 Zermatt (SUI)
8 289 Van Enckevort Janne 64 20 Zweisimmen (SUI)
9 238 Guggemoos Severin 63 19 Garmisch (GER)
9 238 Orgler Moritz 17 17 Telfes (AUT)

Snowboard women
1 202 Cettou Anais 10 21 Motiers (SUI)
2 180 Könz Elena 66 19 Vna (SUI)
3 171 Wyss Helen 62 25 Fribourg (SUI)
4 141 Aubry Emilie 31 16 Ipsach (SUI)
5 112 Sahlfeld Gesine 51 25 Innsbruck (AUT)
6 110 Gysi Andrea 55 23 Niederlenz (SUI)
7 91 Szumovski Christine 79 21 Baden (AUT)
8 87 Bachmann Silvana 34 18 Sent (SUI) _blank>

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